Hope-Filled Thoughts on Breech Babies

I'm in an interesting place today and feel the need to process and write and share.  I've been planning to post some thoughts on the incredibly varying road to pregnancy, pregnancies, labors and births that I've witnessed and will do so soon.  This post is part of it, but is happening in real time, as I write.  I received word late yesterday afternoon from a client that her baby is frank breech and her medical team thought it best to schedule her for a cesarean this afternoon.  She has handled the "change of plans" so beautifully and with an open hand.  I'm so proud of her and am thrilled that she will hold her baby in a few short hours.


Music for Labor and Birth

As a doula, I try to be careful of suggesting things that seemed to work for me, personally, in my own labors and deliveries... mostly because it's not my place to share with clients what I did, etc. It's about that woman, that baby, that family and what works for her, for them... and as a doula, I want to respect that and to have a trust there.
I do want to share though, something that I found helpful and very integral in the labors and births of my two daughters. Music. 


Interviews with Me on Being a Birth Doula

I've had a few different opportunities to be interviewed on what it means to be a birth doula.  You can find the interviews on these blogs:

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Pack Your Bag(s)...

If you're planning to give birth outside your home, you'll most likely want to pack some items to help make your labor and postpartum hours spent in the hospital or birth center more comfortable and as homey as possible. Take some time to think through what kinds of things you'd like to have around you and on you. Below are some suggestions... feel free to comment if you have other suggestions- I'm willing to add to this list :)