what i offer

I'm currently taking new clients

As a birth doula, I offer:
- An initial interview with you (at a place of our choosing) 

- One prenatal visit (two if needed/ requested by you)

- Unlimited support via email, phone & text

- Resources & information regarding pregnancy, labor & birth

- Assistance with your birth plan preparation

- Continuous physical & emotional support during labor (beginning at home if you choose)

- Help in creating a safe and comfortable environment for you to labor & give birth in

- Advocacy for you & your baby

- Support for father/ birth partner

- Breastfeeding assistance as needed

- 1-2 hour immediate postpartum care- I typically leave once it seems that you are settled and ready for some alone time

- Postpartum support via email, phone, & text

- Referrals of postpartum resources

- An in-home visit following your birth to reconnect with your family and share about your birth

- On-call doula support- in the event that I'm unavailable to support you during you labor and birth, I work closely with a few other doulas who practice similarly to me and we work together to support clients if needed

If you are interested in my availability and/ or fee, please email me- doulajenna@gmail.com