I still think about the birth often and what an amazing part Jenna played in helping the girls and me have a peaceful birth experience.  She was able to gently let the nurses know when I had been on the fetal monitor for the required twenty minutes.  Jenna was so present and good at communicating with the nurses at a time when I couldn't, letting them know in such a respectful way that I was having a contraction and to wait just a minute. Through everything that happened I really felt like Jenna was there and supportive, and that in itself was amazing and exactly what I needed.  I have tried to consider what the birth might have been like if she hadn't been there, and it had just been us and the nurse.  It really wouldn't have been the same.  Jenna was such a reassuring energy for both of us.  I hope that more women are lucky enough to get doulas like her for their births. 
- Grace, mom to twins E&H

When my wife first told me she was looking into hiring a doula, I thought, what in the heck is a doula? Once I found out a doula's role, I thought.... why does she need her, she has me.  From the second we choose Jenna, she went beyond my expectations.  Jenna came to our home several times and educated us about everything from prenatal nutrition to birthing plan options.  She even asked how she could support me during my wife's labor.  I was out of town for a week and she happily attended our HypnoBirthing class with my wife!  The day of our labor Jenna was exactly what we needed. Throughout our labor Jenna guided me on ways to help relieve Lauren's pain.  I like to think of her as our coach but we were the star players.  She even sent texts to our families, took pictures and got us food and coffee.  The birth of your child is the most memorable day of your life.
You only want family who brings calmness and love to your delivery day.  We now consider Jenna family and she will be at all of our children's births!
- Peter, dad to D & M

Jenna was a source of information and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. She helped me to feel empowered to have a different birth experience than my first. Because of her assistance I was able to labor and deliver without any medical intervention. She was a strong support to my husband and me, bringing a peace and calm to an intense time. She cared for me after the delivery, captured our first photos with our new baby girl, and even ran to the store for a few items the hospital would have provided. The before and aftercare were outstanding. My birth experience was enriched because Jenna was there.
- Tammy, mom to I

“Where did you find Jenna?  She is the best doula I have ever seen,” Erin, my delivery nurse said to me while I was holding my new son.  I couldn’t agree more.  It is honestly hard for me to condense and put into words how amazing and key Jenna was to my husband and I for our birth.  She was constant physical and emotional support through each step of our birth process.  She was always moving and getting us each and every thing I needed, which all added up to me being able to birth our son naturally, something I am so thankful and happy I did.  Doula-ing is a gift that Jenna has, one that I wish each expectant mother could experience while birthing their baby.  My husband and I were trying to narrow down one specific act throughout our labor that we can share and it is really too hard because she was in constant service to us.  Was it holding my hair back while I was sick, helping me get dressed and redressed, working with the nursing staff so that I would be better helped, having her camera out to capture those first precious and surreal moments with our son when he was born (which we would have otherwise missed), running out to get my demand for minty gum (which no one was selling so she had to ask multiple strangers until she got it), honestly, there are too many to count.  Each act she did not only helped me through my birth, but it also allowed my husband to be free of anxiety and free to be at hand and comfort me throughout the entire process.  Our birth would have been drastically different with out her.  
I will leave you with one last quote.  As I was walking down to my car on the way to the hospital as Jenna had already made 3 trips to load it up and create a comfortable “nest” in my seat, I looked at her and said, “Jenna, how do people DO this without a doula?!”  And I still don’t know!
- Amy, mom to F

Having Jenna with us for the birth of our son was the perfect balance. She knew exactly when to step in and give advice and knew when to just sit back and let us have our moments.  I especially appreciate the fact that Jenna provided knowledge for us when we had to make decisions. She never pressured us to do one thing or the other and always supported our decision.  The times when my eyes got wide, I was able to look towards her and be reassured that I was doing what I could.  And when I wasn't, Jenna gave me subtle hints on what to do.  I especially appreciated the fact that she was not only there for Erin and I, but having her present gave me time to step out and update the family.  I highly recommend a doula to all couples, especially first time parents.  Jenna was absolutely great!
- Damon, dad to M

Choosing Jenna as our doula was easily one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Having her there with us at home and in the hospital was so amazing.  It allowed me to just be there for my wife and know that even if I was tongue-tied and a bit shell-shocked, that Amy (my wife) was going to get all of the support she needed.  Jenna was there for us physically and emotionally.  We recommend her to everyone we know.  It was very important for Amy and I that I was an active coach for her and having Jenna their really empowered me to be just that.  In our minds, a natural childbirth was only attainable through Jenna's support and encouragement throughout our labor.  If you are a husband or partner deciding whether or not you a) know what a doula is, or b) want a doula, just trust me, it will be the best decision you ever make for the most amazing/intense experience of your entire life.
Thank you Jenna! 
- Andrew, dad to F

Where to start… Jenna is just amazing. We will surely make mistakes as parents, but thanks in large part to Jenna, we got off to a great start. From the initial interview, through the wee hours of the night in the hospital, to the follow-up visit – she was so helpful. As this was our first child, we really didn’t know what we were getting into. We had read books and taken classes (which were also extremely helpful), but no one can predict how your birth will actually play out – thankfully, Jenna was there – who was prepared for anything! She was professional, knowledgeable and always caring, but I think what I appreciated most was that she never judged. SO glad we met Jenna – she’s extremely good at her job, but also just a wonderful person.
- Rebecca, mom to A

I have had the pleasure of working with Jenna first hand on several occasions. As a birth practitioner, I recognize the importance of a caring and supportive individual when it comes to helping a mom through labor. Jenna is a very kind spirit, and does a tremendous job of supporting moms and families during such an important and transformative time. She is totally committed to her clients, and that comes across in her interaction with them. I have had numerous patients who rave about her work and they make it a point to tell me how influential she was in helping them achieve the birth they wanted. 
- Dr. Damon Cobb, D.O.

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