favorite posts

I come across so many notable posts on various birth related websites and blogs.  I'm going to keep my favorites here so that they're in one place for me to refer to and to share with others. 

Posts for and about Doulas
One of my favorite blogs, period.  Lesley describes perfectly, "A Doula's Path." (Do yourself a favor and take time to read through Lesley's posts on her blog.  There are too many to list here.)

The Evidence for Doulas by Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth.  No explanation needed.

Many doulas will work on either a pro-bono basis or sliding scale for clients in need.  However, like anything in life, there are limits.  Nicole of Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies has some good thoughts.

Often doulas are trying to figure out what the right fee is for their services.  I find that it tends to range based on location and experience.  Inspired Birth Professionals blog shares a great break down of doula fees.

Another look at what goes into the fee that doulas charge from The Birth Bug.

Each woman we serve is an individual and has unique needs when it comes to preparing for her labor and birth.  Wonderful post from Plumtree Baby about "Thoughtfulness" in your doula support.

Sometimes women are hesitant to hire a doula who hasn't given birth herself.  I happen to know a few EXCELLENT doulas who fit this description (and a few male care providers, for that matter).  Thought-provoking called "The Childless Doula" on the blog Doula Ambitions.

Thoughtful and insightful post from The Birth Bug on how much we can learn from the women we serve- "A Doula's Best Instructor"

EXCELLENT article in the San Diego Union Tribune on the role of doulas as being supportive to parents.   

Questions for doulas to ask themselves and scenarios to process through as we figure out our boundaries as birth workers.  Jodi the Doula's thorough and thoughtful post.

Posts for Parents

Hospital Procedures During Labor & Delivery
I cover this topic in this post.

Induction of Labor
Insight from an OBGYN on making the choice to induce labor or not.

American Pregnancy Association is a favorite resource of mine.  Balanced and a wealth of information.  Here's their info on induction of labor.

Childbirth Connection is another favorite of mine.  Here's their info on induction of labor.

Using Medication During Labor 
The choice to have a medicated or unmedicated birth is personal and for each woman to make for herself and her baby.  When choosing either option, it's helpful to consider the opposite so that should events during labor deviate from your plan (to either use or not use medication), you've thought about both avenues.  The Birth Bug writes a thoughtful post on "Preparing for a Medicated Birth"

Preparing for Birth
Excellent summary of optimal positions to labor in from Modern Alternative Pregnancy.

Ten-part series on "Why Doulas Are a Good Idea (Reasons that don't usually make the top 10 in books)."  Here's the first post in the series.

Labor and birth are as unpredictable as the rest of life is... preparation is essential and so is having an open hand.  I so enjoyed this post on "How to Prepare for Birth."

Is what happens during childbirth due to chance or choice?  Two thumbs up for this post from Birth-Smart.

Easy-to-understand post on various fetal positions your baby may be in during labor from About.com.

Hormones play a vital role in labor and birth.  It's helpful to know the function of each and how to ensure that they are not hindered.  Childbirth Connection gives a fantastic overview.

Encouraging and thoughtful post from Austin-based birth doula Gena Kirby on how to have an "ecstatic" birth in the hospital.

A post on different things that might hurt more than childbirth.

If you've had any procedures done which may have caused scar tissue to build on your cervix, please read this article and discuss with your care provider and your doula.  Share this with other women you know as well.

A WEALTH of links to various topics related to labor and birth on About.com.  Happy clicking!

Birth Trauma
The process of giving birth can be traumatic for some women and men.  Excellent post on traumatic birth & PTSD.

Something I care a lot about is taking care of women and their families after their baby is born.  This post by Gloria Lemay is EXCELLENT.  "After the Birth, What a Family Needs"

Newborns Sleeping and Feeding
Post with A LOT of information and research on newborn through toddler sleep patterns on The Alpha Parent blog.

KellyMom post on what to expect in the early weeks of breastfeeding your newborn.