giving back

I am someone who practices giving a portion of what I earn.  To some, it's known as tithing and to others charity.  I share it here on my site for three very specific reasons.  First, I hope that others will see that there is true blessing in giving from what we've been given.  Secondly, I want to highlight those I've chosen to partner with so that others can discover amazing everyday people who are making a difference throughout the world.  Lastly, I want my clients to know that part of what they pay me for my services as their doula is going beyond providing for my family and providing for women and families far and wide. 

In 2011, a fellow birth worker, Sarah Blight, of Your Baby Booty introduced me to an organization called the African Mothers Health Initiative (AMHI) and the founder, an American nurse-midwife serving in Malawi and now in Ghana, named Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula.  As I read Joanne's blog and the story of how AMHI was birthed, I was struck to my very core as a woman, a mother, and a doula.  Words fail me when I read the accounts of women who die during or shortly after childbirth and babies who suffer simply because they live in a place on the map where maternal and infant mortality is terribly high because adequate health care is not readily available.  While I'm quite aware of the short-comings and ways that maternal health care needs to improve here in the US, I'm floored when I consider that for the most part, we actually have access to medical care and much of the developing world does not. 

I chose for my 2011 giving to go to AMHI.

If you would like to donate directly to this organization, you can find out more here.  I love what's shared on their site as concrete ways donations are dispersed:
  • $15 will sponsor a postpartum follow-up visit from a trained nurse-midwife
  • $60 will purchase a month’s supply of formula and fund a home visit by a nurse to an orphaned infant
  • $500 will cover home based support to one baby or one mother for a year