Pregnancy Loss and Infertility... Books & Other Resources

I was recently asked for some suggestions of books that might be helpful for couples who are dealing with pregnancy loss and infertility.  I posted the question in a doula support community that I am a part of and thought I'd share the suggestions here in case they might be of help to anyone who's reading or knows someone who might be encouraged through them.  I'm also sharing the comments from the women who made the suggestions.

I've not suffered loss or infertility myself... but I know a number of couples who have.  Often, I'm at a loss for words and I think that's ok.  While I know there are a number of books, as well as blogs and organizations (see below), I try to keep in mind that while some are looking for resources such as these, others are not.  My usual rule is to listen and speak if it seems helpful or needed... but most of the time, to simply listen.  Those who are looking for books or resources will ask or find them.  Please offer the suggestions below with great discretion and only if you're asked.  Be a friend and know that it is absolutely ok to not have answers.  Your presence and willingness to listen and walk beside friends who are dealing with loss and/ or infertility is enough. 

A says: "Here are 3 books that helped me through 3 losses... #1 and #2 have a Christian perspective to them, and #3 is a little more secular."
Silent Grief by Clara Hinton
Empty Arms by Pam Vredevelt
Free to Grieve by Maureen Rank

C says: "I loved this book.  It is written from a Christian perspective and does have some photos so it might be disturbing to some people. For me it helped to know what I might see and experience. I wanted as much information as possible about fetal development etc. so I loved it. It might be too much for others though."
Answers in a Time of Miscarriage by Bethany Marie Kerr

R says: "I will carry you is AMAZING- but maybe better for someone who had a stillborn. But still Amazing. The second was was great for me after having 2 miscarriages in a row before I got my 3 boys."
I Will Carry You by Angie Smith
When the Cradle is Empty by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter

I have a few online organizations listed under the heading "Pregnancy & Infant Loss" on this resource page here on my site.