Things to Have on Hand for the Postpartum Weeks...

We find copies of lists on "what to pack for the hospital" in the birth books and through childbirth classes... but have you found one on "what to have when you come home from the hospital?"

Here are a few key items I suggest picking up so that you don't have to run out in those first few days and weeks (or try to explain to your husband where to find them!!)

Feminine pads ranging in absorbency
My personal pick are the ones that my favorite hospital in the area give to women postpartum.  They're "Curity" by Covidien.  You can order them on Amazon here.  These are great for that first week or so.  From there, use something in the moderate to regular absorbency category for a few weeks and then something light. Every woman is different- so the bleeding will vary and therefore how many you will need of each type of pad will vary as well. I'd pick up a package of each mentioned above... you can always give the extras to a girlfriend for after her birth :)

Tucks pads and/or Preparation H Cream
Ah yes, the "wild card" postpartum surprise... Hemorrhoids. Some women get them, some do not. For those who do, you'll find that you will want to treat them as soon as you can. These can cause more discomfort than other things you may be healing from and if anything, they are just annoying. I suggest buying but not opening a box of Tucks and a tube of Prep H and saving the receipt. That way, if you don't end up needing them- you can return them... hey- you'll need to get out for fresh air at some point!

Soft toilet paper
By this I mean splurge on the Charmin or Cottonelle if you typically buy the Kirkland brand at Costco. This is not the time where you want to be using anything other than the softest possible tissue known to mankind. The kind with aloe in it is especially kind to your bottom.

Nursing pads
Reusable ones are nice for the environment and for light leaking, but seem to not do the trick if you tend to leak more heavily.  You can find all kinds of reusable options on Amazon.com and many other sites.  If you go the disposable route, again, there are many options to choose from.  My personal favorites are made by Lansinoh.  Have a lot on hand and don't forget to stock your diaper bag and purse with a few for when you are out and about.
(I'll also mention that Lansinoh breast milk storage bags are my favorite, hands down.  Leak-proof and BPA free.)

Nursing tank tops  
Wait a few weeks to purchase a good nursing bra or two (it takes little time for your milk supply to level out).  From the get go, I suggest having a few tank tops designed for easy breastfeeding.  My personal favorites are from Target and the long ones made by GlamourMom (note- by up in size if you go with GlamourMom... they tend to run snug in the rib cage).

Water and easy snacks
I can't stress enough to have water readily available.  Consider keeping water bottles handy wherever you tend to nurse and keep a supply in the refrigerator as well.  Likewise, keep nuts, trail mix, granola bars, and other protein-rich foods in spots where you nurse, as well as in your diaper bag and purse.  Hunger and thirst tend to hit hard during the postpartum weeks as your body is regulating and adjusting to a non-pregnant state.  Keep cheese and veggies cut up and available in the fridge. 

A comfy pair of pajamas or night gown
Treat yourself to something soft and cozy or even a few things... you'll be spending some solid hours in them.

Someone to check in on you
By this I simply mean someone that you have designated to check in on you throughout the day. This might seem silly... but with taking care of your new babe and nursing around the clock, it is SO helpful to have your husband or a family member or friend who's at your house make sure that you have 1) water 2) meals and 3) are comfortable.

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  1. That's a great list. I'd also add red raspberry leaf tea. It helps the uterus to heal and helps with bleeding. And a breast pump, just incase there is latching problems.