Doula Jenna "Families Reunion" 2012

As I supported families throughout 2011, I had the idea to host a gathering at the end of the year.  The main reason was to reconnect in person with the parents and babies that I had a chance to work with.  I was also excited for many of them to meet one another and for my own family, my husband and daughters, to get a chance to meet my clients as well.

On a Sunday in January, we met up at a local park (my favorite one) and enjoyed lots of yummy treats and a few hours of talking, laughing and playing together.  One of my dear friends and also a client of mine, graced us with her photography talent and captured some priceless shots.  This is something I plan to do annually.  If you are a doula, or anyone who works with people, for that matter, I encourage you to do the same.  We need to take advantage of reasons to gather and celebrate.  It's wonderful on so many levels.

some of the 2009-2011 babies

 i get to meet and work with some of the coolest women

 the best husband this doula could ask for (the man sans stroller)

 sweet twin girls and their wonderful mama

so many amazing families!!

 an attempt at a "chronological order of birth" shot... close :)

 special family... babies number one and sixteen for me

* all photos taken and posted with permission by Katherine Nagel

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